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men of like passions

Sometimes, as we read the Bible, we get the feeling that those people we read about somehow had special powers. We read about Abraham almost sacrificing Isaac, Daniel surviving in the den of lions, Esther risking her life for her people and other great encounters and we are tempted to see these people not just as heroes but perhaps as superheroes. As a result, we unconsciously put Bible characters on a different scale. We see them as people who lived in a different world. We often forget that the heroes of faith we read about and seek to learn from faced challenges similar to those we face. The Bible speaks of Elijah as a “man of like passions” (James 5:17)… that is, he was a human being, even as we are. That is where the title of this book came from. In the pages of this book, we learn from the lives of 7 characters in the Bible and unveil the connections that we have with these people that we read about.


Unveiled is a book with seven stories. Seven special stories. Each story addresses different issues. Hearing from God, Purposeful living, Forgiveness, Church beliefs and Habits are some of the themes addressed. Each chapter kicks off with a story, then an interpretation follows. After that, there are questions and prayer points drawn from the story. The chapter then concludes with a suggestion of materials for further study. Some of the stories will leave you smiling, others would get you crying and at some points, you might find yourself talking to the characters in the book! However, one thing is sure, this book will bless your life and push you to be the person that God intends.


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