James Maxwell

Author. Public Speaker. Financial Consultant. Business/Life Coach.

Books by James Maxwell

emergency money: how to raise money quickly in a crisis

EMERGENCY MONEY: How To Raise Money Quickly In A Crisis was carefully written to teach you inventive ways to earn and save money for unforeseen life events. Presented in a simple, step-by-step format this remarkable book shows you: • How to Cope with a Money Emergency • How to Increase your Cash Flow without Going Further into Debt • How to Start to Build your Emergency Fund • Painless Ways to Find Money in an Emergency • Everyday Ways to Save Money in an Emergency • Creative Ways to Save Money For the Future • Smart Tips for Living Comfortably on a Budget • 7 Serious Ways to Help you Save Money • Emergency Money Strategy while Dealing with Debt, Financial Stress & Family • How to Make Small Cuts for Huge Savings • Simpler Solutions for Managing your Money • Good Ways to Find FREE Money • And lots more…


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