Jane Agunabor

Books by Jane Agunabor

brume and the clique

After the death of his parents, Brume heads for the big city where he is initiated into a gang. The gang’s sole purpose is to defend the cause of justice in and around their neighbourhood.

brume the captain

This is the continuation of Brume's story. Brume is made class captain. When his rival, kehinde does everything to cause trouble and even collaborates with the Notorious Three, Brume has to decide what to do.

the clique and the notorious three

In the third part of this series, Brume's story continues with the gang and their often humorous adventures in trying to curtail the destructive exploits of the Notorious Three.

the clique on holiday adventure

It’s fun and adventure all the way, as the Smiley family spend the holidays enjoying the sights and sounds of Bauchi state.


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