Janet Afegbua Lawal

Janet Afegbua Lawal was raised in a family of book lovers. Her love for books ignited her desire to tell her own stories. She has her first degree in Mass Communication from Covenant University, Ota and also a second degree in Mass Communication from the University of Lagos, Akoka. She has written several short stories online. Her first self published book, Jinxed! was published in 2010.

Books by Janet Afegbua Lawal


Jinxed! Is the story of a teenage girl Jemi, who feels totally out of place in the world based on her birth circumstances. She does not understand why her father hates her so much and why her mother had to leave so early. She feels resentful towards the world as all her efforts to win love and acceptance ends in disaster. She is involved in a freak accident which leaves her with very bad burns on her face. This further strengthens her belief that she is indeed jinxed and nothing good can come from her. Her return back to school leaves her even more depressed as she is mocked about how she looks. She quits school without telling anyone to the chagrin of their housekeeper and drifts into her own imaginary world. She is taken to the United Kingdom where her aunt lives, with the hope that she can get better. Can Jemi overcome the psychological abuse she has been suffering from childhood? Or the feeling of being inadequate and unloved?


Have you ever been on the trail of something and then something entirely beautiful comes along? Nigerian born Mark was not the man American born Victory thought he was. Being raised in the projects of New York, her idea of love was total loyalty and faithfulness. Mark's sudden trip to Nigeria spurs her suspicion and desire to find out more about the man she had accepted to spend the rest of her life with. Amidst protests from her best friend, Victory takes a trip to Nigeria and finds out that things were not what they appeared to be in the first place. Just when she feels love was meaningless, celebrity singer Oto-man comes along.

the countless fruit tree

Mother is finally home and very strong. She suggests they start to farm so they can have food to eat. Freddy is not too happy about this but Johnny is ecstatic. They go to work on the farm and they must ask the countless fruit tree to give them fruit to satisfy their hunger. Freddy volunteers to make the request on their behalf. Will he ask the tree nicely enough? This is a beautiful bedtime story for children laced with morals and written with a little but of humour.

the stone of favor

Freddy foolish and Johnny wise is a collection of stories about two brothers who are as different as light and day. The book explores the choices each brother makes and the consequences attached to them. In this story, Freddy is gifted the magic stone of favor by old man kasali to ask of it anything he would want. What will Freddy foolish ask for? This is a beautiful bedtime story for children laced with morals and written with a little but of humour.

the amatutu leaf

This is the second book in the Freddy Foolish and Johnny Wise series. In this story, FREDDY foolish and Johnny wise visit their Aunty Ayo. As always, Freddy encounters a little bit of trouble due to his mischief. Mr Monkey comes to his rescue but will Freddy be good enough to say thank you? This is a beautiful bedtime story for children laced with morals and written with a little but of humour.

the many sides of love

Oyemade and Adaobi's sweet and trusting love is about to change. When Oyemade proposes to the love of his life, Adaobi, he thinks it would be an easy walk to the alter of happy ever after. But with family involvement comes speculations, trust issues, secrets and fights. Is Oye and Ada's love strong enough to withstand the many sides of love?

wedding blues

Eric is super excited about his wedding night. He has waited so long to be with his bride. But when they get stuck in an elevator on their way to the honeymoon suite, they are left with no choice but to channel their energy on a more urgent need

yesterday in love

Sometimes, love comes with second chances. High school sweethearts Tega and Kheme are having a difficult marriage. Kheme finds it hard to understand how her husband has changed so much, Tega feels the same about his wife. Tega finds comfort in the company of his secretary, Adaeze. On the eve of the petrol subsidy removal in Nigeria in 2012, they get into a serious fight resulting in Tega hitting his head and losing a part of his memory. Ironically, his brain is stuck in 2002, when their love was still fresh. Is this God's way of rekindling a love thought lost? A beautiful Christmas story about love and God's grace


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