Jason Vitug

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you only live once: the roadmap to financial wellness and a purposeful life

You Only Live Once redefines the millennial mantra into a practice of mindful financial decision-making to engineer ones dream lifestyle. There are numerous books, seminars and apps created to address the issue of financial illiteracy but none highlights the fundamental reason why financial knowledge is important. There is a growing movement among personal finance bloggers and educators to refocus financial education from the how to the why. Its important to address the inner motivations and habits that are preventing many from living their dreams. Structured in three parts, the book focuses on the ACT Process: Awareness focuses on understanding their relationship with money in a process to accept past financial decisions and articulate their lifestyle goal. This stage is about financial awareness. Create a Plan is the second stage walking the reader through the budgeting process helping to align the readers financial goals with their lifestyle goal. Take Control is the third stage that focuses on practicing mindfulness and changing habits. You Only Live Once is a motivational, self-help, and personal finance book geared to people who seek to change their lives through a better understanding of their relationship with money, behaviors and habits, and increased financial awareness.


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