Jean-Marie Dru

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the ways to new: 15 paths to disruptive innovation

We like to believe that we are living in a world in which innovation is happening at an unprecedented pace. This is enhanced by the success of high-tech companies like Apple, by the expansion of Internet-based companies such as Facebook, Google and Amazon, and by the burst of tech start-ups. But these represent only 20% of businesses. The remaining 80% are lagging behind, with a slower pace, and slow innovation. This explains why many companies are not fostering enough organic growth. One of the reasons is the way -- often too conservative and repetitive --many companies approach innovation. They are too cautious about how they innovate, and they focus only on product innovation. This book explains explains the famous Disruption methodology pioneered by TBWA, as well as 15 specific paths to disruption, each one illustrated by three case studies from clients like Loreal, Procter


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