Jemimah Oluwapelumi A

Jemimah Oluwapelumi Amonahini is a Visionary Life Enthusiast, Educator, Entrepreneur and Writer. She is also the Initiator, The WinTeen Faculty; a hub where she passionately commits to raising winning teenagers and youths. She has grown a strong prowess for writing Faith-based fiction and refers to herself as a Kingdom WordSmith.

Books by Jemimah Oluwapelumi A

weak eyes

Being forced to marry her younger sister's fiancé on their wedding night was the least of her expectations. Torn between the fear of failing her father and the desperation of getting married, she embarks on a journey of pain, fear, deceit and self-torture. Find out how she dicovered Grace in this amazing read! This is a fictional piece of The Bible Leah. You do not want to drop this book until you have seen its end.


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