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how to identify original makeup products

Hello, Thank you for purchasing my first e-book, I am officially an author now! One of the biggest challenges that women face when it comes to beauty is getting original products. How can I identify original makeup products or how do I know a fake makeup product when I see one?” it is no longer news that there are counterfeit makeup products sold in the market. I didn't become an expert in identifying original makeup products in one breath, lol, I also had my fair share of wasting money on fake products in the first few years of my journey as a professional makeup artist. I was tired of it all and it felt like I would never get it right, so I began research on how to distinguish authentic products from counterfeits and that led me to my research, which is my purpose of writing this e-book “How to identify original makeup products” for you, to help you make sure that you never have to buy a fake makeup product when next you go makeup shopping, enjoy it!


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