Jo Simpson

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the restless executive: reclaim your values, love what you do and lead with purpose

Leaders at all levels are feeling a sense of restlessness; a questioning of what they know, what they do and who they truly are. Intuitively they already know that there is a different way to operate, to show up and to influence others. Its time to take up the charge to explore your own restlessness and discover the gifts it holds. The Restless Executive tells the story of William Cleverley, a Director at a well-respected global consultancy firm, Gant Foster, who are currently going through a company rebrand and repositioning. William feels overwhelmed, frustrated and is struggling with the constant day to day demands of the business. He is at a crossroads in his life, realising that what used to matter to him doesnt seem to matter anymore. He has ignored the intuitive nudges that have been telling him to make changes that is, until now. It demonstrates how the discovery of Williams personal values has a progressive impact on his own leadership style (he begins to lead from who he truly is, rather than be conditioned by his external environment and others imposed values); which in turn has a very positive impact on his own team and ultimately the organisation. Through Williams journey, you will discover who you truly are at your core and learn how to lead with courage from this place.


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