Joan Hephzibah

Joan Hephzibah is a mum with two girls and dreams of a gentler life. She holds an HND Quantity Surveyor, BSc Hons in Geography and a Master’s degree holder in Health Geography. She had worked with various organisations for several years before picking up her pen to develop her creative skills. She has dealt with personal loss, fears of failures and insecurity in relating with people. These experiences have informed her depiction of a single intelligent lady under pressure to conform to the defined ideals of what relationship means.

Books by Joan Hephzibah

from the ashes she smiled

My heroine is a beautiful young lady, Chloe Blankson. The novel opens with her severe illness on her first birthday in a lonely and secluded part of town. Growing up, Chloe realised the slight deformity that will define her future. However, an encounter with the Saviour redefined her. As Chloe tried to relate with the growing lady she was becoming; she got convinced that finding true love was as complicated as her childhood insecurity. Chloe became increasingly disturbed with the aspects of her life that summon up her dark and undefined past. Despite her faith and career hopes, Chloe was unfulfilled and unhappy with the shallowness of life and struggled with her relationships. Finally, she realised that she was foolish to give up easily with her choices. Chloe is keen to redefine what love means to her with everyone that walked the shores of her world. Was she able to do so correctly? Did she find true love?


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