John McAdam

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the one-hour business plan: the simple and practical way to start anything new

A business with a strong business plan is far more likely to succeed, especially in an economic environment in which more than 50 percent of businesses fail three years after their incorporation date. Many of these failures are due to a lack of planning. Your business plan can serve as a foundation for your successful business. The One-Hour Plan, written by seasoned entrepreneur and business instructor John McAdam, helps readers lay that foundation. The book walks readers through the process of writing a business plan, with field-tested instructional techniques that are simple, strong, and enabling rather than complex, weak, and stifling. McAdam has simplified an often daunting and complex task; with the help of this book, aspiring entrepreneurs can write a business plan in only one hour of writing time. The One-Hour Business Plan is a process rather than a format or business plan structure. 


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