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funded graduate admission

The journey to graduate school is one that requires planning, strong conviction and good support system. It is one of the decisions that, if gotten right, will set you on a path to greatness. On the other hand, if gotten wrongly, it may lead to a long time of regret and anguish. Many professionals are at a point in their lives where they are not sure whether to enroll into a graduate program or just keep accumulating years of experience with the hope that they would get promoted and have increased salary. A decision in the direction of graduate school may be one of the tools you need to unleash your potential to better earnings in your chosen career. I have written this book to help you throughout your process of application through graduate school. Based on my more than 8 years helping clients and guiding them through the path of fully-funded graduate admission, I have come up with these ten steps which will make the journey less stressful for you. I am sure of this because of many testimonials from professionals as well as recent graduates who have allowed me to guide them through the path using my trusted steps If you follow the steps that are provided in this book, I am sure you can increase your chances of getting graduate admission with full funding. Financial support from graduate school and industries come in form of fellowship, assistantships, scholarships etc. Another reason why I wrote this guide is so that prospective graduate school applicants can apply for and secure fully-funded graduate admission all by themselves without support from any agent. With increase in the rate at which innocent applicants are being scammed and swindled in some countries, a book like this is aimed at reducing such trend. This book is a ‘do-it-yourself’ kind of guide.


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