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coaching up! inspiring peak performance when it matters most

This book is about coaching people who matter to you - which in its essence means reaching, informing, and motivating them, to help them reach their full potential. In athletic training and competition, where the stakes are intensely high and all participants are caught up in the heat of battle, the best coaches have come up with techniques and tactics to directly connect with and inspire their athletes -- fast. Interestingly, although these successful techniques have not yet been codified and explicitly communicated, most of the best coaches have developed remarkably similar models, which this book brings to light. What can we learn by taking an inside look at the best coaches at work? And what lessons can we distill from their insights and apply to the way we manage our businesses, engage and motivate our employees, and succeed in our personal lives, where the immediate pressure may be less intense than on the court or playing field, but where the ultimate game is even more important?


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