Josephine B. Ogarah

Josephine B. Ogarah is a passionate, digital entrepreneur and creator. She saw the need for people to utilize their gifts and expertise to create digital products and she has been able to help with that. She is out fearlessly to breathe and speak life into anyone who desires a change of story. She helps individuals and entrepreneurs alike build confidence to yield productivity in their businesses and careers to impact, influence and at the same time generate income. She is a winner and anyone that comes in contact with her must also win.

Books by Josephine B. Ogarah

being a brand: product creation as a secret brand tool

Being a brand walks you through the process of owning a business and becoming known as an expert. You get to understand the keys to building a successful brand either as a personal brand or business. Product creation is a must for you if you desire to impact, influence and make income with your skills and expertise. This book gives you an understand on how to make it happen. An easy to read guide for your business growth

create an e-book in 7 easy steps

Over the last four years, I have studied the processes of book writing and content creation from amazing leaders in the industry and this has helped me to carve out a niche for myself. Before now, book writing was seen as a tedious work where the author will have to chase up publishing houses and editors just to have their books published. This could take up to years before they can even succeed at it. Anyone, I mean anyone can literally write a book within a day, a week and even a month and still gain more profit than the traditional author. So in this book, I laid out the processes by which you can do this. This is what I call the 7 step process of e-book publishing. This book is short and precise as it walks you straight up with the processes. It's easy to read and understand. You can literally finish digesting its content within an hour and begin working with what you have learnt in the next hour.


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