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the business of knowledge

The millennial has all it takes to live a fulfilled life by making use of the knowledge and skill set owned. The millennial has all the gifts of creativity hidden inside of him/her and one way to birth these ideas is through the use of digital products. The business of knowledge gives an insight on how you as a millennial can leverage the internet as a means of sharing your ideas and contributing to giving solutions to impact, influence and of course make income. It walks you through the discovery of the fact that you can build a home based, digital business from the knowledge you posses. oh yes, you heard me loud and clear, anything at all that can profit a people using the knowledge you have can be turned into a product. This book enlightens you as a millennial to think beyond the box, beyond what you know and how you can use what you know to solve a need, by birthing your ideas and build a digital business. ...About the Author Josephine Ogarah is a passionate, digital entrepreneur and creator. She saw the need for people to utilize their gifts and expertise to create digital products and she has been able to help with that. She is out fearlessly to breathe and speak life into anyone who desires a change of story. She helps individuals and entrepreneurs alike build confidence to yield productivity in their businesses and careers to impact, influence and at the same time generate income. She is a winner and anyone that comes in contact with her must also win.


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