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the road to reinvention: how to drive disruption and accelerate transformation

Sustained growth is the result of a continuous reinvention process, and successful companies, brands, and individuals refuse to sit still. Yet most organizations languish until its too late, shielding previous success rather than inventing new business models, and then scrambling for a turnaround strategy when they have a near-death experience. But research shows that only 10% of organizations that have stumbled enough to necessitate a turnaround effort ever regain their market leadership. How can any organization make reinvention a permanent part of their business plan to ensure they stay ahead of the competition? The Road to Reinvention lays out a systematic approach to help readers reinvent themselves and their businesses. The book guides readers through the process of reinvention by studying the inspired stories of well-known brands from UPS and Ford, to Method and Whirlpool.  It also tells the surprising stories of lesser-known brands (ranging from mortgage giants to startups to hospital chains) that collectively detail a step-by-step game plan for reinvention. Reinvention is the critical ingredient in communities as well as companies.  The City of Detroit, which rose to greatness as the result of breathtaking innovation, succumbed to apathy and protectionism over the last several decades.  Today, however, the city is rising from the ashes and driving sustainable success through an intense focus on reinvention. Detroit serves as a central theme throughout The Road to Reinvention. Linkner brings an insiders view from the front lines of this incredible story of grit, determination, and creativity, finding in his hometowns successes and setbacks a profound metaphor for organizational and personal transformation. Reinvention sounds nice in principle, but most people have no idea how to actually pursue it.  Few have the courage to begin the process, and even fewer are able to overcome the many pitfalls and challenges associated with radical changes to existing models. The Road to Reinvention will help readers overcome those challenges and build the companiesand communitiesof the future.


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