Joy A. Folorunsho

Books by Joy A. Folorunsho

a night of hope

A NIGHT OF HOPE reflects on the vulnerability of life in its entirety, through the eyes of a young woman “Ula”. Her life is filled with unpleasant experiences. After the death of her father and sister, Ula is left with an autistic nephew and and aged mother. Ula got involved in a scandal at work that would take away the glimmer of hope she has for fending for her family. Is there light really at the end of the tunnel, or it’s just a fable told to make us feel good? It’s up to you to find out.

a six days trip to lagos

“Ijora under bridge” the driver cried signaling the last stop for all passengers to alight. The vehicle came to a halt. I had a huge pullover to keep me warm. The air was cool. The stars twinkled in all its glory signifying its presence. I heaved a sign as I looked around me for safety before pulling my device to call Lekan...


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