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chronicles of an amazon

Chronicles of an Amazon is a story of triumph and conquest in the midst of the trials, challenges, and tragedies of life, It is an account of survival in the contemporary Nigerian society amidst the political instability, insecurity, corruption, decadence, and socio-cultural problems that routinely confront the people of Nigeria. Grace and Chima got married after a brief courtship. Together the young couple had to contend with the frailties and imperfections of human nature, the nightmare of giving birth to a challenged daughter, and the intrigue that trailed Chima's decision to serve his community by running for a political office. This book is a testimony that with faith in God, everyone can overcome and succeed in life no matter the odds.

the father’s heart

At creation, God was not content with the animals and other things He first created. He longed for a being with whom He could be intimate. So He created man in His own image to experience the pleasure of His presence! After man fell through the sin of Adam and Eve, God still loved man so much that He immediately put in place the plan to send His son to set man free from sin. In the book of Revelation, John reveals that God created man solely for His pleasure! God created man to worship Him, to serve Him and to fellowship with Him. The aim of the compendium is to tear down the mental picture of God as a distant, indifferent and formal personality who men can impress only by keeping a rigid set of rules. The desire of the author is to help believers build a practical, loving, personal and intimate relationship with a loving Father. This Father’s Heart presents a holistic review of the Bible and a detailed teaching on walking with the Spirit of God. It recounts the history of creation and the history of God’s relationship with the Israelites. It gives a step by step description of the plan of redemption and Christ’s ultimate sacrifice on the Cross as a basis for an intimate walk with the Father. Working from God’s past relationship with His people under the Old Covenant, to His relationship with the New Covenant believer, this book provides a firm understanding of Christ’s work of redemption and its significance to a child of God. It describes in detail the esteemed position of a child of God and the rights and privileges that belong to him under the present dispensation of the Holy Spirit. It explains many Christian doctrines and scriptures in simple easy to understand language. It proclaims the truth that the Christian walk can be an exciting and rewarding experience! God the Father wants us to appreciate closeness and fellowship with Him the way He does with us. He stands at the door of our hearts knocking.


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