Joy Isi Bewaji

Joy is a storyteller. She tells brilliant stories as a screenwriter in Nollywood, and as a playwright with her own production company - Write Culture. She has boundless creative energy that births unconventional ideas. She is a powerful voice on social media (Facebook) with almost 60,000 followers constantly inspired by her art.

Books by Joy Isi Bewaji

you mad? bake cake

When a woman’s vagina is dragged into an argument, it is the easiest way to silence her. Women hide behind the shame that comes from slutty slurs. Slut-shaming is a woman’s burden, it is her affliction, and it is designed to destroy her. Slut-shaming is sensationalism at the expense of truth. It thrives because the results are instant – the woman withers. The job is done. Once again, a woman has been put in her place. Society claps at the job well done. If you look in the crowd, you’ll see women cheering on, blending in with misogyny. And sometimes, the accuser is a woman – with a labia too. A woman like the Cake Girl who hates her own body.

las’ las’ we’ll be all right

Las’ las’… It means “eventually”. “Eventually what?” You may ask. Eventually, all will be well. “How?” We are not sure. “When?” Nobody knows. But “God dey sha.” That comforting clause that soothes us as we move from day to day, from one “las las” to the next. There are not many solutions here. It is almost impossible for the Nigerian to apply his intelligence to solve any issue bedeviling development in his own city, tormenting his own sanity. We have been struggling with the same issues from the beginning of creation—bad roads, no potable water, poor education, shameless corruption, poor health system, the list is endless. What do we do? We don’t seem to know. Dying for the country is out of it. Nobody will remember your name, how much more remember what you died for. Jollof rice is a more interesting topic. It is all we have, it is all we fight for.


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