Jude Bonny

I'm a writer of short supernatural fiction and short science fantasy fiction. Gemini ?, Foodie and animal lover. I love to read. The crazier the better. Not something the average mind could think of. Something that challenges reality.

Books by Jude Bonny

djinn on a tree

There's a little comfort knowing your fears don't spill over into reality from your nightmares. But what happens when that safety wall comes crumbling down. No matter how scary a nightmare gets, it always end with a breath of relief. Well, not this time. Ohis' overly vivid imagination creates a series of nightmares that plague him for much of his life. Now, there's a chance they happen in real life too. In the face of a slowly deteriorating sense of what's real and not and the infant stages of discovering love, he has figure out a way to save himself, his sanity and his newly found love.


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