Jules Rae

She is from Nigeria and love writing sweet romance stories with crazy plot twist.

Books by Jules Rae

a girl called omoye (romantic suspense)

He carries the guilt, she carries the scars. Most 17-year girls old are only concerned with dating, makeup, and the latest fashion trend. Not Omoye. She is tackling PTSD which made her develop an irrational fear of the opposite sex. Her best friend Lucas is battling with self-guilt over his past mistake of causing Omoye's trauma. Tensions are high as Lucas takes matters into his own hands to redeem himself and possibly make the biggest mistake. One that omoye might end up paying for...again.

call me aarinola

Aarinola Kehinde is an international student studying software engineering in Seattle. After the popularity of her app she made for a school project indirectly affects a major tech company, she gain the attention of Ivan who is not pleased. Ivan Gates, a tech billionaire and ceo of FutureTech hire Aarinola as an intern with the sole purpose of ruining her career before it starts. Against his plans, he falls in love with her but as they grow closer, Ivan soon realized it may cost him everything especially the secrets he had managed to keep buried.

blind murder

They all had to die, The world was far too filthy with people doing evil deeds. True, he had odd method but it got the job done. He kills to save his victims, you will not understand Humanity will never understand. Mia will understand, he would have make her to. Mia Clark is a 29 year old former music child prodigy, living in a small town of 737 people. After an accident that caused her to lose her sight, she lives her life in seclusion but her seemingly peaceful life is threaten when a stranger comes to town


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