Kemka Ezinwo, also known as Agnes Kay-E is a writer of riveting, thought-provoking Contemporary, Fantasy & New Adult fiction. She also is Singer & Songwriter.


captured within

Matthew narrowly escaped death but can’t remember his past. He tries to waddle through his fractured memory by keeping himself to himself, then he meets Annette and falls in love with her. She breaks his heart before he could tell her how much he loved her. To protect his heart, he decides to become a priest. A few weeks before his ordination, she shows up, and he is no longer sure of his choice. Mathilda’s son has gone missing. She has refused to move forward in the years gone by. Father Bernard struggles with survivor’s guilt. Adopting Matthew heightens this guilt. He decided to visit his hometown in hopes of finding a reason to let go of his past and move on and meets a surprise.


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