it's time to go deaf

Just so you know; If you listen to what everyone has to say about your life and the way you live it, then it may be difficult to achieve anything in life that you can sincerely say makes you feel fulfilled. We all have a story. We all go through phases where we have ignorantly run with other people's visions rather than ours. So, if you want to change your career, change it. If you want to quit a habit, just do it. It’s time to choose, either living up to your potentials or fulfilling other people’s purpose for your life. It’s Time to Go Deaf - is a compelling narration of the urgent need to begin to stand up to our decisions as our negative thoughts, and other people’s perceptions about our decisions have limited our potentials. It draws on ideas of the author’s personal experiences and research on great minds who worked through rejection to success and then gives an opportunity to reflect on how to get up and say to ourselves “we’ve had enough”. Make no mistake, this is not just another motivational book. Its mission is to give you a re-birth, a renewed faith in yourself.


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