KEPRESSNG ANTHOLOGY PRIZE is an offshoot of Kemka Ezinwo Press (KEP) Ltd. It's a four-part (Vine, Lily, Juvenile & Oak) award plan for upcoming, veteran authors' short stories. The anthology is set to form part of an ongoing plan to help boost literacy by making these books available to the less privileged. Kemka Ezinwo Press (KEP) Ltd is an independent publisher keen on books about Africa, of Africans, and by Africans.


ogu & other stories

KEPRESSNG Anthology Prize 2021 winners. The Unforgettable Christmas - a young boy's desire for a peaceful Christmas celebration is awry when he and his sister is kidnapped. Beyond this Raging Beach - Late-night fishing goes wrong, or not. The Festival of Heads - There may be trouble ahead when a champion's daughter befriends the ghost of one of the heads for the festival. Ogu - Will overachieving Nkasi-obi be able to resist Mbechi's goading? A Trip to the Stars - A mother and daughter get a chance to reconnect at Christmas. The Christmas of '98 - Christmas will never be the same for two best friends. Eni Itan - A nightmare at the peak of job losses proves too much for a successful young man. The Bond that Binds You - An ode to self and another. Bonus Stories: Picturesque Death's Melody A Black Man's Dilemma Egungun

notes of love & other stories

WINNERS OF THE KEPRESSNG ANTHOLOGY PRIZE: VINE 2022 1. Love in Bloom - Chidinma Vivian Nnalue 2. The S.O.S. - Aninoritse Ejuliuwa 3. Children of Chukwu - Amara Ozokwelu 4. Love After Death - Chikaira E-Edonkumoh 5. Notes on Love - Testimony Odey 6. Sister - Erhu Kome 7. Love at No Sight - Oluwatoyin Magbagbeola 8. Mother’ed by Girls - Chibuike Agbalokwu 9. Love like Blooming Vine -Obianuju Jane Ebubeoha Bonus Story 10. Vicious Circle Agnes Kay-E


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