Kalanne Ebiye-Koripamo

Kalanne Ebiye-Koripamo is the Founder of Kayge Cosmetics ; a beauty and skincare company. She’s an Internationally certified Cosmetologist with over 16 years of working in the beauty industry known by her clients for helping them get their glow on. She’s also known as “The Skin Glow Hacker for her incredible transformational results She is passionate about expanding the beauty industry . Today, Kalanne and Kayge Cosmetics have trained over 1,450 ladies to become financially independent through the business of Beauty & Skincare. Kayge Cosmetics has a vision to be the go-to lifestyle & beauty companion for women in Nigeria and Africa. Kalanne is an avid reader and art lover who loves traveling.

Books by Kalanne Ebiye-Koripamo

get noticed skin first

Get noticed SKin First is your introduction to the skin you never knew you had . Kalanne’s easy to read guide will help you solve your skin problems ,equip you with knowledge that would guide your routines and set you on a journey to healthy glowing skin. Sick of wasting money on products that don’t just work , tried several routines and nothing cuts it ? Now you can discover the secret that has turned her into one of Nigeria’s most sought after beauty experts . If you want to stand out you’ve got to learn how to get noticed skin first . Kalanne’s uncomplicated advice gives you the power to change your perception of your skin, command the attention you want and get noticed SKIN FIRST


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