Kanayo O. Kanayo, Tony Ekwoaba

About Kanayo O. Kanayo The Testator by Kanayo O. Kanayo, a veteran actor and lawyer, and Tony Ekwoaba, a magistrate, is a story of human rapacity and the role of the legal profession as a noble mediator between ethos and human aberrations, as well as the guiding beacon of our society. About Tony Ekwoaba Tony Ekwoaba was before now a fierce lawyer, with humongous appetence for justice. His drive for lasting impact in the legal sphere led to his appointment to the lower bench as a magistrate, and while at the bench, he has continued to contribute to the advancement of the law even in his capacity as an author. Shadows was his debut novel.

Books by Kanayo O. Kanayo, Tony Ekwoaba

the testator

Desperate to escape the deplorable state of his legal practice, while also avoiding the wrath of some people he hurt really badly, who want him dead, Pius Egbe Esq. accepts what he thought is a simple task of reading the will of one of his billionaire clients, Chief Peter Onu. It would have been that simple, but for the twists that got everything crashing down. The Testator is a tale of murder, betrayal, and the insatiability of the human greed.


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