Kanyinebi Banye Mmobuosi

Books by Kanyinebi Banye Mmobuosi

where are the gods

The gods have taken the Tusk, the symbol of the office of the chief priest of Amii. Any of his sons that recovers it shall become the chief priest and the incumbent chief priest will drink the hemlock. Obielue recovers it and disappears with it. The chief priest turns out to be the cat with nine lives as Christianity comes with great changes. Amii must shape up or ship out.

endless search

The Garden of Eden is rediscovered as man seeks to live forever. But the Tree of Life that will make this possible becomes elusive. The tree cannot be found as described in the Holy Book. Is this because man must face the judgment of God at end-time?

failed antichrist

The countdown to end-time has begun in the metaphysical world. The antichrist is born in the physical world. Humanity has lost all the virtues of the soul and evil is on the prowl but a few people are praying. . . number means very little to the masters of the Universe. Only eight people were saved in Noah’s Ark. Just as Rapture is about to trigger off the events of end-time, the antichrist is crucified on an inverted cross by Gall. . . (Great Agent of Lord Lucifer). It will take some time for another countdown to end-time to begin. Humanity escapes judgement.


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