Karimot Isiaka

Karimot Isiaka is a Certified Life Coach, a writer, a Personal Development strategist. She is the founder of Becoming More Consulting. As the founder of Becoming More Consulting, she has organized personal development programs such as, Becoming More Summit, group coaching sessions, Confidence building Classes, Developing empowering beliefs training. These programs have helped participant become better version of themselves. Her passion for personal development led her to creating an online community on Facebook called ‘Becoming More Africa’, that serves as an online platform for its members to learn, connect and grow by embracing personal development. She is really known for helping individuals build confidence in themselves, having overcome low self-esteem and the lack of confidence. She has done this through her coaching programs and also through her book, 'Confidence Within'. She also helps individuals overcome limiting beliefs so that they can utilize their potentials and live to inspire others, not to impress.

Books by Karimot Isiaka

confidence within

Confidence within is a book embedded in so much value. The author, Karimot Isiaka did justice to teaching her readers how they can overcome low self-esteem and in turn build self-confidence through her personal story. It is a book that shows how parents influence the self-esteem and confidence of their children. Also, how teachers, schools and the society at large have got a role to play in the self-confidence of every individual. Karimot opens the eyes of the readers to how she was able to bounce back and take charge of her confidence after going through so many experiences that crushed her self confidence. It is even more interesting that it shows us how we can help others develop confidence in themselves. Every reader would be inspired to live with confidence from within, the book guarantees that.


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