Kelvin Keshi

Kelvin Keshi is a seasoned writer, editor and brand strategist. He has wide experience working on different top writing and brand management projects in some of the leading copywriting, brand management and media agencies in Nigeria and the UK. Silent Riddles of Fate is his second published book. See more at https://web.facebook.com/Keshikel and https://twitter.com/KeshiKelvin.

Books by Kelvin Keshi

silent riddles of fate

Night descends on the sleepy town of Umuocha. Bolts of lightning tear at the dark sky and deep growls of thunder rage in the background. A rainstorm is imminent. It is cold and silent with howling wind and whispering voices coursing across the shanty huts as the heavens suddenly open in the pitch darkness. The isolated pitter-patter of hurrying footsteps of drenched villagers and splashes of raindrops occasionally pierce the void. But in the dank room of Ujunwa, a commoner, there are no hushed sounds; only moaning as she writhes in pain from childbirth labour. She is alone, stoic, and steely. In the same hour in the neighbouring kingdom of Umuakpi, there are also moanings and groanings. The moaner is King Umeh, the ruthless monarch in Umuakpi. He turns and twists on his royal bed from a troubling dream. At dawn, Okosisi, Umeh’s sly and trusted soothsayer, saunters into the secret chambers of King Umeh and tells him his night dream foretells of the birth of a seed of the gods who will be king and rule “far and wide.” But he assures the worried king the gods have also said, “No man shall take your kingdom away from you.” Not completely satisfied, both men hatch a devious plan to steal the child and raise him as a prince of Umuakpi. But three seasons later and on the eve of another conquest for King Umeh, Onyinye (or Agu), the now-grown crown prince, finds he must first conquer a battle of his own identity and restore balance in all the lands for his own sake and the destiny of the Greater Anioma kingdom. He knows this could change everything... for good or for bad... forever.


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