Kelvin Obareti

Kelvin Obareti (1989) is a rising star. The way he navigates the tense emotional sphere to produce thought provoking poems can only be commended. His humble beginnings on poetry.com have instilled the discipline necessary to create free flowing texts. This earned him international recognition and an outstanding rating by the poet’s board of poetry.com in 2006. This recognition motivated him to write more poems and this led to his name being added on the poetry ambassador list. His free style of writing means that his poems are easily digested and understood. Emotions and Belief epitomise this style. Emotions and Belief, Poems about You are best examples of his work so far. Kelvin’s dedication and hard work has led to a constant examination on how to constantly improve Emotions and Belief. This revised edition is a testament to his zeal and love for writing. For more information and comments about the book and the author, visit www.createdbykelz.com or e-mail us at kelvin@createdbykelz.com Website: www.createdbykelz.com Blog: www.kelzclusive.blogspot.co.uk Facebook: www.facebook.com/kelzclusive Twitter: @poetic_kelz Instagram: @poetic_kelz

Books by Kelvin Obareti

emotions and belief 4th edition

Emotions and Belief is a compilation of poems and short stories based around topics such as love, religion, emotions, romance, humour, changes and life style. The author of this book has been able to link all the topics mentioned above in a way that is easy to read and understand. This is not a typical poetry book; the structure which this book was written makes it very enjoyable and easy to understand. The poems in this book will definitely touch you and help you to get a deeper understanding of the link between your 'Emotions and Belief'.


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