Kemi Iwalesin

*Kemi Iwalesin is a serial entrepreneur, speaker, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) practitioner, domestic abuse recovery coach and an author.* *Being a survivor of domestic violence herself, she is passionate about giving succour to women who experience such and infertility through empowerment and helping them live a more fulfilled life.*

Books by Kemi Iwalesin

broken, now repackaged: rising from the ashes of infertility and domestic abuse

Broken, Now Repackaged is an extensive expose on the need to turn the tide of abusive relationships, wriggle free of the grasps of their attendant oppression and get economically empowered.The book also provides indispensable insights into the causes of domestic abuse and infertility and serves as a guide to women, especially victims of domestic abuse, to explore medical and psychological options needed for their sanity before and after quitting abusive relationships.The role society plays against the womenfolk going through the menace is not encouraging and that is the wrong, to a great extent, this book aims to right through well-researched anecdotes and personal experiences.You can't have this masterpiece on your shelf and regret exhausting its content.It's a must-read for all (men, women, married, women and divorced inclusive).

recovering your self-esteem: ways to boost your self-esteem for a purposeful life

Everyone desires to live a purposeful and fulfilling life. But for many, the distance between the fulfillment they crave and where they are now is their self-esteem. Think of that crippling feeling of self-doubt, unhealthy relationships, failing business, wobbling career, and any other unpleasant thing and you will find the monster of low self-esteem at their very roots. Many authors have written but as someone who has dealt with and overcome low self-esteem, Kemi Iwalesin brings her story on board and shares proven solutions that will help deal with this belittling evil called low self-esteem.

everyday affirmations for your self-esteem

What are you telling yourself daily. Daily affirmations motivate you to change your negative thoughts to positive ones. Your subconscious mind is also influenced for new and positive beliefs. This will generally overtime help to make positive changes in your life. This books has several positive affirmations that you can choose to use daily, to help build your ever evolving self-esteem. Everyone has the potential to live a fulfilled life with a robust self-esteem, do more and be more.


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