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the leadership guardian

"Your Leadership Lifestyle Compendium." Regardless of our past experiences, life is much more of how we make use of the present to birth the future we desire. However, our present world seems thrown into crisis. Little did we know that this is caused by the actions and inactions we never took responsibility for. It is saddening that while many seem overwhelmed by the struggles of life and how to make it through, some others keep wallowing in the selfish desires to enrich their ambitions at the expense of the generation they live in. Families are being torn apart by the day, and it has become so hard to find business leaders who keep to the promises of their brands. It seems that there is no one watching, controlling, and ensuring that this does not get worse. The truth, however, is that if we would escape the deadly stings of deficient leadership, then, we all must be ready to be the kind of leaders that we seek across the frontiers of life. We must be set to become genuine custodians of leadership who are able to transcend its true essence from our present world into the future. In a world that seems to be in disarray, this book is an absolute truth for those who would do anything possible to go back to the drawing board and fasten the broken pieces together. Beyond being a catalyst to unfold your true leadership potential, it is a timely solution to birth visionaries across the spheres of the home, workplace, and the nation at large. It is a compelling action to bridge the leadership deficit that has eaten deep into the roots of the society and become the total leadership guardian - a movement that would cause one of the greatest transformation yet unseen.


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