Kemi Oguntimehin

Books by Kemi Oguntimehin

be unstoppable

I grew up as a confident, but along the way, I lost my confidence to bullying and stigma from my sickle cell disease. My life became meaningless as I continually stopped myself because I felt inadequate and not enough. All that changed when I intentionally began my journey to gaining powerful self esteem and self confidence. My life changed and I began to do all the things I was told I couldn't do. Despite the things I saw as limitations; despite being seen as different, I launched a foundation for sickle cell awareness, became a public speaker and sickle cell advocate, founded the Ignite Sickle Cell Initiative and got interviewed in Newspapers and Television channels. In this book, I shared exactly how I went from feeling bad about my life and wanting to commit suicide to being the person of power and influence I am today. When you read this book, you would be taken on a journey of discovery, until you realize your powerful self esteem, because only then would you become UNSTOPPABLE.


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