Kennedy O.J

Kennedy O. J. is a multi-talented teacher, a preacher, a motivational speaker, and author addressing critical issues affecting every aspect of human, social, and spiritual development. He organizes and speaks in conferences, leadership summits and business meetings. He is the chairman of a leading consultancy firm where he coaches business leaders and professionals. He is the lead pastor of RCCi Church Intl, a.k.a. The Diplomats. Also, a bestselling author, he has authored several books including, Business and Money Solutions, The Pathfinder, Success Magnet, Maximizing Time For Maximum Accomplishments, and many more.

Books by Kennedy O.J

maximizing time for maximum accomplishments

Maximizing time for Maximum Accomplishments is a book that anyone that desires to be a great achiever must read. This book expatiates some special points on how to manage one’s time and become productive. Learning or reading is a crucial part of a successful life, hence this book enumerates special techniques on how to learn and understand with ease. Those that want to change their game in the pursuit of success need to read this book. Anyone that sees success as a difficult thing to achieve will rejoice after reading this book. SEE YOU AT THE TOP!

success magnet: pathway to sustainable success

“…if I see this book in any shelf, no matter the cost, I will buy it; you are a blessing to our generation. Thank you for giving me the privilege to read through this book sir” (from one of the book’s reviewers). I sincerely wish you read this whole book. You are going to see some things that will transform your life and profession. The weakest, hopeless, fearful and the successful have something to learn in this text for a turnaround. With momentum for success, chameleonic principle for success, daring for success, synergy for success, and many more, the author shows us how the weakest, hopeless, and fearful can become successful and the successful can keep a greater flight. You will be glad you read this book. SEE YOU AT THE TOP!

business and money solutions

“…Thanks for your kind in our generation. If only Mr. X (an author and a billionaire in the US) could come and hear what he has not heard before. I am proud to be associated with you.” This is from one of the participants at the author`s business conference. This came after his infant company gained more grounds via the author’s business lessons. Do you need a positive change in your life, business, finance and job? It is possible; knowledge is the key. This book “Business & Money Solutions” will revolutionize you and your endeavour. This book by Kennedy O. J. provides practical business solutions, money sense, and success principles on: *How business is beyond buying and selling. *How to start a business. *How to raise capital for a business. *How to grow your business. *How to turn a small business into a mega global business. *Iterative technique of growing wealthy *Wealth accumulation and it`s determinants *And lots more. This book is a must-read!


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