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love your job: the new rules for career happiness

Whether youre re-careering, reinventing, re-firing, repacking, or just looking to get your groove back, loving your job is vitally important at any stage of your career. But finding happiness and fulfillment in the workplace doesnt always mean a big swerve from the past, or starting from scratch. Readers will learn: Ways to exam their own jobs, their own work rituals, and their attitudes toward their work New habits or routines they can craft to bring more love into their workday Inner changes they can create to rekindle their hope, eagerness, and resilience How to celebrate even small successes How to identify what makes them feel good about work and how to recognize the negative thoughts that creep up in their loop of self-defeating self-talk Love Your Job offers readers all the tips they need to thrive in their current work or prepare for their next one. Readers will build new outlooks toward their existing work and craft a more entrepreneurial attitude, which can play forward into an enriched position at their current employer or a new career entirely at any age.


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