Kingsley Adrian Banks

Kingsley Adrian Banks is one of Nigeria's New voices in Fiction. His debut novel Behind Closed Doors is one of the few Nigerian novels that tackle gender stereotypes, homosexuality, bisexuality and effeminacy. Banks has written several short stories and novels and he has been published in different outlets. He can be reached on adrianbanks2008@gmail.com

Books by Kingsley Adrian Banks

behind closed doors

What would you do if you were a homosexual in a country where being gay is severely frowned upon and considered a taboo? What is the ultimate price to pay if you were different, gay? Lagos playboy, son of an ex-beauty Queen; and sole heir to the Johnson fortune, Henry Johnson, is facing a stunning controversy because of his sexual orientation . . . He loves men, yet the thought disgusts him and throws him into turmoil, that is, until he encounters Phoenix, a bisexual male stripper and prostitute who is wildly ambitious and will do anything to climb the social ladder. Phoenix is the one man that opens his eyes to the taste of the forbidden fruit, to what it feels like to hold another man, to kiss another man, and to bed another man. One taste of the forbidden gay fruit and Henry knows he's trapped between Society's expectations, his duty to his family, and his hidden love of men. He'll have to question EVERYTHING he knows, his very own existence.


Fidelia is a happily married woman, and her life is perfect...or so she thinks. That perfect life is about to turn into a gruesome nightmare, for her only child suddenly disappears from school. No one knows where little Bianca is, or who has her. In the ensuing quest for the girl, Fidelia will realize that the ideal life she had been living was nothing more than a smoke screen. There is far more at stake here than just her missing daughter. She will have to battle to save, not only her daughter, but also herself, from the greatest evil they have ever encountered. She will also learn the true meaning of Evil, and that her worst enemy is closer than she ever thought possible; has been closer than she could have ever imagined...and this enemy had been waiting for the right time to strike against her. It becomes a battle to not only save her life, but to also rediscover herself and the path ahead.


Adamma is a dazzling beauty and Nigeria's biggest female musician. She has clawed her way to the top through sheer talent, uncommon drive and a shocking ability to adapt to people's musical needs. And, she intends to stay at the top no matter what. Obinna Obiekwe is a tycoon and a known playboy, the Casanova of fashionable Lagos society. He loves women, and he spends money on them recklessly. Years ago, he had met Adamma, and now he wants to be back in her life. However, she has kept a deep, devastating secret away from him...a secret he discovers and intends to break her with. He never forgets, he never lets go, and he has Adamma in his sights. He is rich, handsome and powerful, and he wants her to pay. So begins Adamma's story.

forbidden woman

Adamma is a happy woman, or thinks she is as happy as she can ever be...until one night, when she dreams of a very beautiful woman, Mmirimma, her long-lost mother lost to history over twenty years ago. Adamma's strange dream centers around the events that led to the death of her father and the disappearance of her mother. Against all rationality, against all evidence to the contrary, Adamma rekindles the flames of hope, that her mother Mmirimma who had been missing for over twenty years, is still alive. From the glitzy playgrounds of Lagos, Adamma heads East, seeking answers to questions that had plagued her entire adult life...and there, back East, she hits a brick wall. She is warned to stop looking for Mmirimma, that a dark and terrifying destiny awaits her if she doesn't let her mother go. Against all odds, Adamma embarks on a journey back into her past, to find the threads of her long-lost family.


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