Kolawole Oladotun,, Abimbola Oladotun

Books by Kolawole Oladotun,, Abimbola Oladotun

the pathway to marital bliss

This book provide answers to the frequently asked questions about relationships and marriage. It gives clarify to misleading thoughts and conceptions that steals and ruin the joy of marriages. It provides likely virtues to help in identifying if he/she is the right one for you, and the state a person can be in preparation for the arrival of the right partner. It also address major and likely challenges in marriage and how they can be overcome and virtues that can aid marital bliss.

our marriage diary

This book is birthed out of our experiential knowledge of 6 years in marriage. As we stay longer, we know better and we enjoy the institution better. We've had our challenges but we've also had our victories which were sweeter. These nuggets and more have strengthened us and made our marriage an enjoyable ride; with them, we have lived many years within our 6 years and each day that has passed has been a celebration of our togetherness, even in the midst of ups and downs. Marriage is sweet, with God in it, and with individual partner investing in themselves and staying committed. It can be everything we want it to be, as long as we don't sit around but work to make it happen. Beautiful marriage is hard work that pays off, and this book reveals practical and simple guidance for achieving that.


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