Kpobari Peaceful Kabolobari

Kpobari Peaceful Kabolobari is a Writer, public speaker, content animation  creator,  Copywriter and  also  a  music  instructor. Student of Kenule Beeson Saro-Wiwa Polytechnic, Mass Communication Department.  She’s the founder of "Wednesday  Motivation  with Peaceful". A vision born out of the desire to help young (ladies especially)  find  discomfort  in  their  comfort  zone,  into becoming more.  She  helps  kids  balance  education  with  music,  and  train children  from  3  years  to  16  years  on  different  musical instruments, both online and offline.  She  uses  her  skills  as  a  copywriter,  to  create  compelling products for new or existing business/brand to promote and make good sales. She also creates Cartoon characters with the use of Animation, to help promote business brands as well.

Books by Kpobari Peaceful Kabolobari

the rubies in me

The Pengician Poetry Chapbook Contest is an annual competition designed to give aspiring poets the opportunity to self publishing their first chapbook at no cost.


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