Kyrian Chiemelie Offor

KYRIAN CHIEMELIE OFFOR also known as Kyrian Miles, is a terrific storyteller, a prolific screenwriter, author, and a ghostwriter. He found his latent skill in writing after he moved to Lagos, Nigeria in 2015 and he has since gone on to write many fantastic screenplays for some Nigerian filmmakers. He also has an online masterclass for writers/storytellers and budding writers called Kyrian Online Workshop. He has also been a ghostwriter of young adult novels. Kyrian, who has also worked as a film director, was born and raised in Awka, Anambra State, Nigeria. THE PRESIDENT IS DEAD is his debut novel. A political-assassin thriller novel and the first novel series of Alan Tayo and Jennifer Raymond. Look out for more amazing stories from the stable of Kyrian Chiemelie Offor. Some of his short stories and write-ups are published on his social media platforms: Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. He also continues his philanthropic energies through different drives and services. He invites you to join his writing online workshop as a budding writer. Also, you can drop acclaims and reviews of this novel maybe on any social media platform and tag him with the below preferable and precise social media handle, and with the hashtag #thepresidentisdeadnovel.

Books by Kyrian Chiemelie Offor

the president is dead

A fascinating story about The Antigovernment Intelligence Unit which is comprised of US-trained professionals, skilled to effect change and undertake mandates to resolve state and federal affairs. Agents Alan Tayo and Jennifer Raymond are assigned the role to bring the President to book. Lethal as dangerous assassins could be, Agents Tayo and Jennifer have their work cut out as they have failed twice to eliminate the man with absolute power, thus, everything remained at stake until their designated tasks are accomplished for a corruption-free nation.


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