Lauretta Ani is a writer and a speaker who enjoys listening to music and reading intriguing books . When she's not reading, she can be found cooking up a storm or watching movies, preferably those set in the Regency era.


the banker's secret

Idara, a successful banker, finds it difficult to bond with people due to a secret she harbours. When her childhood crush reaches out to her for assistance, however, she does not hesitate to offer it. Friendship soon blossoms between them until his cousin comes along... Cynical and women-weary, Jidenna believes Idara is anything but innocent and he makes it his mission to uncover her hidden motives. With time, he finds himself intrigued by her and what starts out as a ploy ends up becoming a full-blown attraction until her sister, Uyai, bursts on the scene. Uyai knows something about Jidenna that has the power to ruin her sister’s chance for happiness and she does not hesitate to wield her power when the opportunity arises. Can love survive the earth-shattering secrets that are revealed when the past comes calling?

the couple

'I am a fool. This is what I think as I listen to the excuses flow like melted butter from her smooth lips.' When a prophecy springs forth on their wedding night, lovestruck Ahize Nnamani dismisses it as inconsequential. He will have cause to remember it when his wife, Zara, makes an astounding confession. Can their marriage survive in the aftermath of her revelation?

a gentleman takes his chances

Hell hath no fury like a gentleman deceived… When Zikora Anumudu shows up for an interview at Oakdale High School, the last person she expects to see on the interview panel is her ex, Cheluchi Ejiofor, whom she ghosted years earlier. Once an ardent lover, Cheluchi has not forgiven Zikora for the cruel way she treated him. When she turns up at Oakdale School after several years of silence, he is faced with two options: strike back or let bygones be bygones. Things get complicated when old flames reignite, but just when he’s starting to put the past behind him, a chance discovery changes everything and results in a bitter conflict that threatens to destroy at least one of them. Is love enough to overcome past hurts? Will Cheluchi be able to let go of the past, or would he rather see everything destroyed in the quest to win at all costs? Are some chances really worth taking?


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