Lady Solace Mawunyo Tsekpo

Lady Solace Mawunyo Tsekpo was Co-founder and CEO of Defunct Fund Managers Company till 2019. She has a first degree in Business Administration, from Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration (GIMPA), an MBA in Finance, from Wisconsin University, USA, and a Doctorate in Finance, from Walden University, USA. Lady Solace Mawunyo Tsekpo has solid experience in evangelism. She is a prayer warrior and writer of Daily Devotional, which impacts over 2 000 lives daily. She is the mother of three (3) adorable children.

Books by Lady Solace Mawunyo Tsekpo

little foxes destroy the vineyard

God relates to men on principles. This fact is evident in both the Old and the New Testaments. Sadly, many believers tend to undermine and underrate God’s royal principles. God’s principles are sacred, and disobeying them comes with consequences. Adam and Eve experienced God’s wrath through disobedience. Many Christians, today, are suffering, unconsciously, because of disobedience. Furthermore, disobedience of these principles leads to the blockage of prayers. ‘Little Foxes Destroy The Vineyard’ highlights the importance God puts on His principles. This book is for anyone with a desire to establish a seamless relationship with God while making impact through evangelism to win souls. It will guide and keep you in good standing with God.


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