Lara Kudayisi

Lara Kudayisi, popularly known as The Matchmaking Mistress is a Relationship Expert that specializes in Healing, Recovery and Therapy. Her life story went viral because she had a child at 19, underwent 14 heartbreaks, and experienced 15 abortions before she got married. Lara is a practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), an Eriksonian Hypnosis expert, a Neurological Repatterning coach, Performance Consultant, Family Life Coach, Emotional Intelligence coach, Anger Management advisor, Fear Mastery Coach and a Core Behavioral Therapist. She is the Author of WHAT IS WRONG WITH MY TASTE IN MEN for Single Ladies and her recent work; HOW THE MATCHMAKER’S MARRIAGE FAILED which is a proper documentation of her life story of Childhood Dysfunction, Call to Purpose and Healing from her failed marriage. Lara helps people heal from Childhood Dysfunctions and Emotional Traumas through her program; THE HEALING BOOT CAMP and her private Therapy Sessions. Lara’s story has been featured in so many media outlasts like The Nation Newspaper, The Guardian, BBC, Kingdom Africa, R2TV, Spice TV, Nigerian Info, City fm and so on and so forth. Lara is active online as @LaraKudayisi on her YouTube Channel, Twitter and Instagram); Facebook (www.facebook.com/LaraKudayisi ), Linkedln or on her website at www.thematchmakingmistress.com

Books by Lara Kudayisi

what is wrong with my taste-ing men?

I wrote this book because I wanted to help women understand that though there are terrible men out there, there is a chance of avoiding those ones and actually getting the kind of men that are good for them. I wrote this book because of my background of having a child at 19, 14 heartbreaks and 15 Abortions before I got married . I groped so much in the dark trying to find love until I found the button that works. Now, it is my honour as Relationship Coach, Matchmaker and Therapist to share all these learnings from my experiences with you in WHAT IS WRONG WITH MY TASTE IN MEN?

how the match maker's marriage failed

This Book would take you through a journey that explains the correlation between childhood experiences, a teenage pregnancy and a subconscious decision making that resulted in pain, tragedy and the accidental discovery of purpose. You would find out what went wrong in the Marriage of the Matchmaker and how it came tumbling down like a pack of cards. It is indeed a very vulnerable piece that has been put out so that other people can learn and avoid going through that difficult journey that may redirect the course of their life for bad. Beyond the story of the Author, it shines light into the life of the reader questioning their motives for taking some decisions like falling in love, choosing a partner or getting married. It also talks deeply about the importance of finding and knowing God for one’s self beyond the doctrines that was handed to us by our esteemed Spiritual Leaders and Care Givers. Furthermore, you would find out about The Legitimacy of your Difference. How you should Celebrate and pursue your Unfair Advantage because your purpose is embedded in it. This Book is not for the faint hearted as It talks about deep and important topics that lots of people are not used to. Things like the Inner Battle of Identity, Loss of Self Esteem, Multiple Rejections and Abortions, Separation, Divorce, the making of a Defiant Woman, Lover, Wife, Mother, Sister, Child and a Resilient Fighter.. Be ready to take your tissue with you as it would hit the core of your humanity at its best.


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