Laura Colby

LAURA COLBY is a reporter at large for Bloomberg News in New York, covering women in the global economy and education. Prior to 2013, she was the managing editor of Bloomberg Markets, the monthly global finance magazine. Laura has also worked for The Wall Street Journal, Fortune, and the International Herald Tribune.

Books by Laura Colby

road to power: how gm's mary barra shattered the glass ceiling

When 52-year-old Mary Barra became the first woman ever to lead a global automaker, only people outside of General Motors were surprised. Barra had spent more than 30 years building her career at GM, a company with $150 billion in sales and 200,000 employees worldwide. She had done everything from working on the factory floor, where she inspected sedans for manufacturing flaws, to overseeing the design of cars; from improving relations with the companys restive unions, to paring down the huge company's bureaucracy and helping resuscitate it from bankruptcy. This book will: Describe Mary Barras life before GM Showcase Barras willingness to take on diverse assignments Detail Barras management style and her ability to relate to colleagues Showcase the qualities and experiences Barra had that enabled her to climb this male profession Look at each stage in Barra's career and describe the lessons she learned on the job Road to Power will tell the story of how Barra, a rare female electrical engineer and the daughter of a GM die maker, became head of the company once described as a proxy for the U.S. economy--arguably the most important position in business ever held by a woman.


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