Lefloso Giwewhegbe

Books by Lefloso Giwewhegbe

fire and blood

Hesita the goddess of fire, couldn’t find repentance even after her time of defying the circle of life and being sentenced to die as a mortal woman. Destiny clashes her with the surviving members of an air tribe searching for a new home. She persuades them on a journey to find paradise on earth but they get separated on the way. Meanwhile captain Ade was guiding the borders of Nigerian ( Rok village) with his troops against the barbarian army and he fell in love with their culture leaving his troops vulnerable, also Clai left Edak the love of her life due to some unfortunate circumstances. The presence of Ade; the charming Army Captain added more complications for her... The fate of everything including that of the fire goddess, the barbarians and the airports would be decided by the coming war!

cold water

Looking to end the bloodshed between the natives and Americans. Black Kettle allowed some foreigners to settle on the Cheyenne soil. John Smith and his crew settled on an abandoned area while Abraham Grant ran his factory on the far end. With the hatred from his clan and common tribes increasing by the day, Black Kettle must find a way to unite them alongside his long lost brother. They had a common enemy in the kayoutees, who brought cold plague and untold hardship. With the odds against them, they raced against time to form a formidable unit to stand a chance against the Kayoutees.


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