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you are a wonder woman

Are you a stay at home mum? Do you constantly feel tired, exhausted and frustrated? Do you often feel like you don't know you who are or what you want to do with your life? Lisa Maxwell felt the same way for years until she had an encounter with God that changed her entire perspective of what motherhood is about. Through her (number of years) as a stay at home mum, Lisa has been intentional about parenting, being a wife to her husband and not losing herself in the process. She shares her uncommon insights and engaging personal stories in this book to remind you that being a happy stay at home mum and maintaining a healthy balance between caring for your home, yourself, and doing the things you love to do is possible. In this book, you will learn: ? What motherhood looks like in God's context ? How to navigate this season while serving your other expressions. ? How to truly care for yourself. ? How to balance being a mum and a wife ? How to be a present parent to your children ? Practical hacks and wisdom to becoming a productive stay at home mum. Join Lisa as she takes you on a heart to heart journey to becoming all that God has called you to be from the inside out. You’re a Wonder Woman challenges you to step into the fullness of God's purpose for your life and reach for what is possible.


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