Lois Burutu

Lois Burutu is a Nigerian. She studied English and Literary Studies at the Niger Delta University in Nigeria and Film making at La Cinefabrique, Lyon, France. The rhythm and vibe of the novel Gesiye is largely influenced by the author’s origin from the southern state - Bayelsa, Nigeria; her background in Filmmaking and her beginnings as a poet.

Books by Lois Burutu


When Rebecca emerged to the surface of the river, she felt refreshed and after a while she returned to land. Lying out in a field of sunflowers and touch-me-not, she half fell asleep in the dying glow of the sun. She got up and turned to leave when she saw him – the man from the field with the Kodak instamatic camera angled over his eyes. Click. His camera flashed at her and this time she threw her shoe at him. "I'll tell my daughters this story." - Terry.

ina - the origin

In this prequel to Gesiye, Ina is back as lady Liberty. Dise hardly remembers her famous grandmother - nor does she understand the silly tradition of walking across town barefooted in some stand for civil justice. Gesiye hopes to bring history back in that traditional storytelling style we all love - together at dinner with family, because storytelling is a shared experience. Grab a snack and settle in. Story story?


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