Lola Oj

Omolola Ojetola, popularly known as Lola OJ is a British-born Nigerian who has successfully built a brand and career in Nigeria after being born and raised in the U.K. A prolific award-winning content creator, brand influencer, beauty expert, and entrepreneur. Lola OJ is a multifaceted conceptualiser who effortlessly blends her passions for the arts, beauty, and fashion, leading to her amassing hundreds of thousands of followers worldwide. A budding entertainment and Intellectual property lawyer, she has proven that you can be a businesswoman and style creator whilst still being academically sound.

Books by Lola Oj

before you move to nigeria

Are you planning to relocate to Nigeria? Have you already relocated to Nigeria and are unsure of how to navigate this new environment? Are you stuck, trying to choose whether to relocate or stay put where you are? If you answered yes or even maybe to any of the previous questions then you need to read this book. In this book, I share personal experiences and experiences of those around me in the hope that it will guide you into avoiding common mistakes made when relocating to Nigeria. I moved to Nigeria without a clear plan, I started from scratch and built a brand, however, there were many things that in hindsight now I would have done differently.


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