Loretta Oduware Ogboro-Okor

MRCOG (United Kingdom), MBBS (Benin), MSc. Public Health Research (Edinburgh), MSc. Clinical Education (Sheffield Hallam) PhD Law and Criminology ongoing (Sheffield Hallam) Author of the books My Father’s Daughter and HeartWebs An adrent Poet who is pioneer member of the group "Can We Talk Poetry" Loretta Oduware Ogboro-Okor, is a United Kingdom trained Obstetrician and Gynaecologist. She has been able to blend her work in the science field of medical practise with being an author, a passionate motivational speaker, women and youth health advocate and educationist as well as a social entrepreneur and an ardent blogger. She set up the Loretta Reveals “borderless motivational space” http://lorettareveals.org in 2015. She also co-founded the Ashanti Graham Health & Education Initiative Foundation (AGHEIF) in 2010 - a charity with the vision "21st Century Health Care for Africa." The charity has made significant progress in enabling capacity development in Nigeria through healthcare training for medical professionals, providing important equipment and hardware for medical institutions. Loretta earned her MBBS degree from the prestigious University of Benin in Nigeria. She bagged further postgraduate degrees: an MSc in Public Health Research and another in Clinical Education from the Universities of Edinburgh and Sheffield Hallam both in the United Kingdom. Loretta is currently doing a PhD in Law and Criminology at Sheffield Hallam University. She is a member of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologist here in the United Kingdom and has worked in the National Health Service now, for over 10 years. Furthermore, she has formal peer review exposure with the British Medical Journal and Cytopathology WILEY-on-line and is also and an Obstetric Skills and Drills Provider for Practical Obstetric Multi-Professional Training (PROMPT) with the Doncaster and Bassetlaw Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. A position where she not just teaches, but also reviews, updates, and develops multi-professional Obstetric simulation training modules for staff to ensure reduction in preventable harm for women and their babies with the overall goals of reducing poor maternal outcomes. Apart from being a woman in the field of science and healthcare provision, her life journey reflects roles in leadership, people motivation, academics, research, and advocacy. Loretta is passionate about “Cultural Integration” in African communities as a means to tackling women’s Reproductive and Mental Health issues as well as Trafficking. She is dedicated to motivating people; principally those from ethnic minority backgrounds to achieving a life of purpose and significance because she understands peculiar cultural sensibilities can be a huge challenge to societal integration for migrant populations- especially women. Her name has become synonymous with the propagation of her own positive propagation of her rich Benin Kingdom Heritage. She has often been awarded accolades for her voluntary works and community commitments. She is the current President of the University of Benin Alumni Association, United Kingdom Branch. LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/loretta-oduware-ogboro-okor-mrcog-mbbs-msc-ph-msc-clin-ed-phd-law-on-going-ab8893114

Books by Loretta Oduware Ogboro-Okor

my father's daughter

In a world where values are fast eroding, Loretta seeks to share her unique experience growing up in Benin, Nigeria, with her Father, a man who had a lot to teach. My Father's Daughter is a true inspirational story of the experiences of a little girl, a young lady and a grown woman, seeing the world as it could be, through her daddy's eyes, experiencing the world as it is after he was no more, the betrayals, the hardships, the resolute resolve, and finally, a tale of love, of a woman accomplished, drawing from the strength of character instilled in her by her loving father, so many years ago.My Father's Daughter is a timely guide, a recollection of old age values that are still relevant for success today in family life as well as at work or in business.


When two most unlikely persons in the world find themselves in a web of lust, love and blood, they desperately seek for answers. Alas, the answers lies in generations past and life beyond. What should they do next? Should they turn back the hands of time enjoying their certain past or figure out the confusion that is their present and ride into the future unknown?... ?Heartwebs is an enthralling captivating story as never told before, of loosening bonds, fading boundaries and the tangled lines of love and lust.


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