Hello, I am Miss Jane. I am an author of erotic short stories publishing with bambooks.

Books by MISS JANE

sexy virgin vixen

Lauren wants to get dirty with her handyman Jake who isn't responding to her advances. she goes the extra mile to seduce him and get her V card broken in the naughtiest manner.

crescendo of ecstasy

I won’t stop, even if you beg me to .... I will brand your ass tonight as mine and fill you in a way, no man ever would... You will think of this night for the rest of your life and it will be your dirty little secret, getting banged in your own library by an unknown black man with a massive bulge. *** Raina thought she was alone in the library when her best friend Carmen sends her a link to a live stream to a pornography site of men who enthrall their audience by pleasuring themselves. She gets carried away by the action portrayed in the video and the passion pulsing in her veins that she hungers for more. In her rush to reach out and book a private session, she is suddenly aware that wasn't alone in the room after all and makes a mistake that could cost her to lose her honorary reputation as a librarian and possibly end her career forever.

screwed after dark

Melissa was only days away from her bachelorette party that she had no interest in. She felt disconnected from her soon to be husband, whom she could not jilt because he was a psychopath and a maniac, willing to make her life a living hell if she dared. One night of pent up pressure, tension, and a resolution to do the unthinkable, was all it took to bring out the wild side in her. Kelvin was only contracted to fix computers by the corporation, when he stumbled upon a scene that mesmerized him at the spot. Melissa and Kelvin both want the same thing, and fate just handed them the keys to live out their darkest desires.

enticing nash

A chance encounter with her geeky Arabian neighbours' son has Suzanne Nash rethinking all her morals about getting laid, and making right choices. Moving to Ashwood for a fresh start, came with its perks in the person of Kazim Frost, where sparks fly and buried needs are awoken, when she is caught in a compromising position. Snagged between giving in to her ravenous lustful desires, and keeping up appearances, Suzanne Nash has a choice to make, and a clandestine hookup to consider. This book is part of the Chance Encounter MILF Series.

professionals on the prowl: erotic collection

One Night. Hunky, Sexy Men. Wanton Professionals. A Judge. An Accountant. A Nurse. A Librarian All wanton professional women who are deprived, unloved and live miserable lives, their desire to be unleashed and unbridled, uncontrollably intense. It takes an act of rebellion and a midnight encounter to present the right set up for unimaginable intense pleasure, unraveling their long buried needs, and desire to be untamed. Four stories of wanton pleasure, sexy kinks, office erotic romance, complied to wet your ravenous appetite, a taste of midnight dalliances dangling on the line.

enchanting gale

He drives a cab by day, and drives his 'special' clients nuts by night. Beatrice Gale booked a ride home after her car gave up, the sexy black hunk behind the wheels, a far cry from the cheesy looking man with a sappy smiles showing on the app. One interesting ride, a cancelled dinner date, and an invitation to Sparta, changes everything for Gale. She is drawn into his world, enchanted by his allure, an aphrodisiac she never wants to wake up from, the feeling of submission so welcoming, lust so raw and strong, she is willing to overlook their differences and let 'Kain' be her Lord and Master, just for one night. One night that will keep her coming back for more.

banging her honor

One bad court day and a damming envelope was all it took to unravel Judge Shannon's day. Refusing to allow the results of the inevitable ruin her night, she decided to take matters into her hands, fishing through her 'bag of kinks' for the perfect company, on a lonely, frustrating night. Except, she wasn't alone. The ebony, tanned, sexy maintenance man, may have just dozed off in her inner chambers unawares, waking up to a sight that fuels the drive for something more. Something steamy, and deliciously wanton.


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