Maggie Smart

Maggie Smart is a passionate storyteller. She has the uncanny ability to keep her readers on their toes, creating an unusual sense of suspense. Her stories are fictional, yet genuine enough to help every reader, and she writes with a great deal of professionalism and excellence. A lover of books and ice cream, she writes to influence her world.

Books by Maggie Smart

beyond now

A twist to the classic tale of boy meets girl... Bella is tired of moving from city to city because of her dad's job, and she's not especially enthusiastic about this new one—at least not until she met the cutest boy in school. Chris is the most popular boy in school, but he's tired of all the adoration. He's looking for something different and the new girl seems to be it. Bella and Chris began their love story at a young age, but their happily ever after was cut short by events they didn't envision. Amidst hurt and betrayal, they had to let each other go. Years later, they meet again—there's something between them they could never ignore. Can they make it work this time?

call me aretta

How can something so incredibly right feel so wrong? It was just a chance meeting. It shouldn't have meant anything, but the moment Aretta and Banky set eyes on each other, the attraction was instant, and nothing could tame their burning passion. All they wanted was to explore these flames of desire, but they were committed to other people. When their secret is uncovered, they are forced to go their separate ways. Years later, they meet again; however, they are cautious. Has time quenched their passion? Will they get their happily ever after? Follow this story of love, loss, and betrayal as it takes you from campus life in Ilorin to the corporate world of London.


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